"We have just finished watching the very brilliant Macbeth by S4K. It was phenomenal and our students had an absolute blast." [Teacher]

"Hats off to the actors and actresses who played Macbeth, Lady Macbeth and the three witches, they were fantastic!" [Teacher]

"Nathan Turner is a truly convincing Macbeth – and they’re rare. Rebecca Gilliland is a powerful Lady Macbeth too."[Susan Elkin - Sardines Magazine]

"What I like very much about Chenery’s script and song words is that, although a lot of it is modern-ish English for clarity of story telling, he uses Shakespeare’s words wherever he can. That means that young audiences, most of whom won’t be aware of who wrote which, really are exposed to a taste of Britian’s greatest ever writer. It’s accessibility without dumbing down." [Susan Elkin - Sardines Magazine]

"Dark human emotions were brilliantly portrayed on stage as Shakespeare's Macbeth came to life through catchy music and incredible vocals." [Gulf Daily News]

"S4K told the story using many of the Bard's original words with a modern twist to ensure entertainment for families and young audiences." [Gulf Daily News]


TEACHERS and STUDENTS have given their TESTIMONIAL FEEDBACK from our Macbeth Workshops.

"Without a doubt, one of the best workshops I have seen. The delivery by both performers had the students engrossed throughout. Each student was given the opportunity the engage with the story and we now cannot wait for the performance on Wednesday."

"Spectacular experience, I love that we were included in the act. It was amusing and educational. I can’t wait for the performance!"

"I feel that I can now understand the story of Macbeth."

"This was a once In a lifetime opportunity and it was amazing , we clearly understood the play and learnt more about Shakespeare."

"Your Shakespeare's Macbeth act was stupendous and I didn't expect it to be that fun because I thought all of his plays are boring!"

"Thank you for coming you were fantastic and it was so fun and funny and I loved it ,it also really helped me understand the play."

"The Shakespeare play was really astonishing and dramatic. It helped me learn many right actions useful in life."

"I think that this experience was very unique and it was amazing to try something that I haven’t before such as: roleplaying."

"I liked the idea of including the students to act in it and they made us understand the play in a fun and unique way."

"I thought the Shakespeare play was amazing. It was really fun acting moreover I really understood Macbeth."

"The Shakespeare’s act is very interactive furthermore it was very useful for students to understand the play in detail."

"Thank you very much for a wonderful workshop of Macbeth. You brought the story to life for the children; it was fantastic to see them so enthusiastic and engaged. I loved the way that you attempted to get all the children involved and it was great seeing them in costumes confidently performing in front of their peers. Your enthusiasm and passion was evident from the beginning and consequently the children loved it!"

Here are just some of the comments we received about our shows…


"Excellent production, multi-talented cast, beautiful message."

"Our students love your productions"

"Your cast and crew are so professional and a pleasure to have."

"Thank you very much for a wonderful and exciting show."

"Very impressive and everyone thoroughly enjoyed it."

"Wonderful Snow Queen Show!"

"The children couldn't believe it when it actually snowed!

"Simply magical theatre!"

"S4K are simply the best!"

"Extremely high quality - your productions are by far the best in Dubai!"



"I've seen hundreds of these style of shows all over the world - but NOTHING comes close to your PETER PAN!"

"Simply sensational!"

"A different class to anything else."

"This is the best Peter Pan I've ever seen."

"Your shows are sensational. BEAUTIFUL and sensational!"

"The children are so happy watching your shows."

"This is theatre of the very highest quality. Thank you for bringing it to our children."

"All of your shows are superb, but Peter Pan is the best of the lot."



"Big thank you from everyone at the school to your team. You guys were amazing and looking forward to your next show."

"Absolutely perfect. Ideal for all of our year groups."

"The show is perfectly pitched to engage our students."

"The children can't stop talking about the show."

"The message about the importance of friendship really hits home" 

"Mowgli was magnificent!"

"Such a high quality show - the actors were absolutely superb!"

"I'm so glad you came to our school. Thank you."

"I've been so lucky to see this show FOUR TIMES!"

"A happy and beautiful show."

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